Always coming up with that awesome comeback or insult ten minutes too late? Need some new ones to throw at your big brother or that office *$%#@!??

With the shake of your mobile device or the touch of a finger, Cussbot™ will serve up thousands of hilarious and offensive word combinations that will make YOU the life of the party.

Cussbot™ is all stocked up with a large and unique vocabulary - but the fun doesn't stop there. Add your own word suggestions, tell Cussbot™ never to use certain words, or freeze words in place to fine-tune the perfect cuss! Never again will you want for that retort that will have your friends and enemies beside themselves with mirth!


“Not sure what a chubbler is, but this thing is hillarious!”
“Does what it says it does, just what I needed!”

Download Cussbot™ today and start making the mundane profane!

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BIG thank you to everyone who sent in feedback from the feedback button!

New Feature:

Share a cuss! You can now copy any cuss to the clipboard and share it via text, email, or any other means!

Bugs Fixed in Latest Version (1.2)

  1. Fixed problems with the different screen sizes and inability to see words on certain devices, Sorry about that, thank you for letting us know!
  2. Improved artwork!
  3. Fixed hardware keyboard issues that some phones were having.
  4. Fixed problem with extremely long words added
  5. Fixed a couple of typos :-)

—Team Thistlebit